Viking Runecraft

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Viking Runecraft

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Viking Runecraft by Play `n GO  

Fight alongside ancient Norse gods in this amazing online slot game by Play `n GO. Viking Runecraft isn’t like any other slot machine you may have played in the past. Trying to describe this game calls for a different approach. It is a 7x7-grid slot. You will form a winning combination if you land 5 same symbols that are connected to each other. Here you’ve got symbols that are worth more than others. The more symbols attached to each other, the more you’ll win! What makes Viking Runecraft so great, is the amount of bonus features that is added into the game. Like any slot machine, you can select your stake before playing. You can play for as little as €0.10 up to €100 per spin. 

Types of Gods 

For starters there are 4 different gods in Viking Runecraft. They can appear in a non-winning round and will try to help you win using Wild symbols as their power. 

  • Thor: Thor will strike his lightning to create 5 to 9 Wild symbols on the grid. 
  • Odin: Odin will create 4 Wild symbols in clusters of two. 
  • Freya: Freya will create Wild symbols in four clusters until at least one winning combination is formed. 
  • Heimdall: Heimdall will create one Wild symbol on each row. 

You will start using Thor as your go to God, but you have the possibility to ‘rank up’ your God. You can do this by clearing the patterns which are indicated on the right side of your screen. 

Growing Bonus  

Every time you win something, 12% of that amount is added to the jackpot bonus. Whenever you clear a pattern, you have a chance to win that growing bonus. The more runestones you’ve collected, the higher your chance of winning that bonus. 

Charge of Destruction  

If you manage to clear 20 symbols in a single spin, you will start the Charge of Destruction. In this mode you’ve got 4 different features. One is randomly chosen for you. 

  • Fury of Fenrir: Four diagonal lines of symbols are selected. Two of them will remove and the other two will be transformed to the same symbol. 
  • Judgement of Jörmunggandr: A chain of symbols will be selected. Most of them will be destroyed, the others will be transformed into the same symbol. 
  • Scorching of Surtr: Three symbols will be selected. All surrounding symbols will be destroyed and the selected symbols will be supplicated. 
  • Lure of Loki: All of 2 different symbols will be selected. One group will be destroyed and the other will be transformed into the same symbol. 

Ragnarök Feature  

The Ragnarök feature will trigger when you win on 20 additional symbols after triggering any Charge of Destruction Feature. You will then gain all the Charge of Destruction features in one free round. You can imagine how profitable this feature can get. The best part hasn’t even started yet. Because all winnings during the Ragnarök feature will be multiplied by x2, x3, x5 or x15!  So what are you waiting for? play now at Winfest Casino!