Eye of the Kraken

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Eye of the Kraken

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Eye of The Kraken – Play’n Go 

Eye of the Kraken is an online slot machine by game developer Play’n Go and it takes you deep under the sea. While diving deeper and deeper into the ocean you might find the mighty Kraken This is a giant octopus with huge tentacles. And it is holding some very valuable treasures just for you. And of course, Eye of The Kraken is playable in your browser, right here at Winfest

This is an easy game to understand and has a great RTP. You can place bets from € 0,20 to € 10 per spin. This slot machine consists of two bonus games: “The Dive Bonus Game” and “The Fight with the Kraken”! 

What do the symbols mean?  

When you go deep sea diving you will need some great gear! First of all you have your diving shoes. Next is your sharp harpoon. And lastly you will need an oxygen tank and a scuba helmet to breath. Whenever you get one of these symbols as three in a row, you will get 0.4 times your bet. you hit 3 of these items you get 0.2 times your bet. When your navigating through the ocean you will definitely want to have your compass. This little shiny device will give you 0,6 times your bet in Eye of The Kraken. 

Exploring the deep ocean on your own is of course not really smart. Therefore you might want to hire a crew in this slot machine! The 3 sailors will give you 1.5 times your bet. The lady sailor is worth 5 times your stake and the last one is the man steering the ship: the captain. He will give you 10 times your bet. If you get three of these crew member in a random order, you will get 0.5 your bet. 

Dive mode 

The beforementioned scuba helmet is worth 0.8 times your bet. When you hit 5 times the scuba helmet this will activate the bonus game. Dive Mode. 

When you get 5 times the scuba helmet you activate the Dive Mode. This means 9 free spins for you! During Dive Mode you can get treasure chests. When you hit one of these, you get 1 time your bet. Two chests means 3 times your bet. Three chests means 5 times your bet. Four chests means 10 times your bet. Five chest means 25 times your bet. Six chest means 50 times your bet. Seven chest means 75 times your bet. Eight chests mean 100 times your bet. And if you’re really lucky you will get 9 chests! This means you will get 150 times your bet! 

Fight The Eye of the Kraken 

But the true symbol you are looking for in this ocean is the torpedo. When you hit three of them you will get 20 times your bet. Also when you hit a torpedo on any position the countdown will go off in the right corner. If you hit 50 torpedo’s in total, you will get the bonus game. You are going to fight the Kraken! 

When you get 50 times the torpedo, you activate the fight with the Kraken. The Kraken have 6 big tentacles with 6 beautiful treasure chests! In three chests there a three money prizes. A small one, a medium prize and one huge prize! Gamble and pick one the chests! You only get one chance, so choose wisely!